Prismic Integration

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Project Overview

In 2017 the website did not have an integrated Content Management System (CMS) which presented many challenges for the various teams in the Marketing department.

It quickly became evident that the processes of adding, editing, managing and optimizing content pages associated with various marketing efforts was painful and needed to be addressed.

Project goals consisted of increased efficiency, improved control and management of content, content optimization for search and removing the dependency on developers for publishing new content.

My Contributions

As the technical lead I was responsible for managing the project from start to finish. Working with the various stakeholders in the marketing department I defined the scope, acceptance criteria, implementation strategy, and delivery timeline.

It was also my responsibility to make recommendations on designs and new functionality that would be introduced to give the content creators more flexibility when building out content pages.

Due to my level of experience with CMS integrations all of the content modeling and development on the frontend was also my responsibility.

Prismic content (GCC)

Manager, Interaction Design

Aug 2017 - Present

Project was completed on time and under budget. Additionally, the project streamlined the workflow for creating new and editing existing content for the marketing team. More accurately the introduction of Prismic transformed the existing 11 step workflow to a more reasonable 3 steps.

Integration Highlights:

  • Eliminates 7 steps in current workflow
  • Removes dependency on Designer/Developer
  • Cuts entire process by days if not weeks
  • Empowers the content team

Below the original workflow is outlined and steps that have been removed have been crossed out.

  • Page Design Request
  • Page Design Review
  • Content Creation
  • Content Review
  • Content Delivery
  • New Page Prioritization (Development)
  • New Page Development
  • Development Review
  • SEO Metadata creation
  • SEO Metadata Implementation
  • Developed Page Deployment

Pages Populated by Prismic

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Content Modeling

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