PLA Landing Page

Web Development, API Integration, A/B Testing, Test Analysis

Project Overview

Design and implement a new page design for incoming traffic from Product Listing Ads (PLAs). The new page design should be A/B tested with the goal of decreasing bounce rate and increasing overall engaged conversion rate.

My Contributions

Developed a new page template that utilizes our internal product api to dynamically call product information based on url parameters that are passed when a user comes from a PLA. Configured A/B test and analysed results. (GCC)

Manager, Interaction Design

Aug 2017 - Present


This test is designed to determine if we are using the most effective style of landing page for PLA traffic that is being driven to our website. Currently we drive PLA traffic to our product PIP page, but recently we have seen our competitors sending their PLA traffic to a page that is more in line with our PLP with the product selected as the feature at the top of that landing page.

Success Metrics

The primary success metric for this test is overall conversion rate as well as conversion rate for the associated products.  

  • Order Conversion
  • Current Experience > New Experience Bounce Rate

In order to qualify for the test, a user must:

  • Be an external visitor (outside the network)
  • Click a PLA that brings them to our website

Associated Products

  • 505221 Natural Woven Shade
  • 505227 Outdoor Solar Shade
  • 507666 Fabric Sliding Panel
  • 521167 Composite Shutter
  • 521179 Wood Shutter
  • 524032 2" Faux Wood Blind
  • 525521 Premium Flat Sheer Shade

Expected Results

  • Increase in Conversion
  • Decrease in Bounce Rate for users coming into the site via PLAs
  • Increased site traffic to funnel pages from PLAs
  • Increased customer interaction
  • Increased Revenue

The Control

Today, our PLAs take a user straight to the product information page.

Original landing page

The Treatment

In this test treatment, we’ve created a completely new style of landing page that is essentially a hybrid of our PLP and our PIP. The abbreviated product information at the top of the page gives a user just enough information to determine if they want to proceed while providing alternatives below from the same product family.

New landing page