Blog Migration to Prismic

Web Development, Content Modeling, Migration

Project Overview

This project was the third in a series of projects related to the integration of the headless CMS Prismic. Migration of self hosted WordPress blog content to Prismic. Updated look and feel that is consistent with design and UI standards for

My Contributions

As the technical lead I was responsible for managing the project, reporting on progress, frontend development, content modeling, api integration and content migration.

Blog home page after redesign (GCC)

Manager, Interaction Design

Aug 2017 - Present

Design Strategy

Consistent Appearance

Mobile first, cross browser functional, seamless experience moving from blog to other areas of the site. Updated look and feel that is consistent with design and UI standards for

Additional Prismic Slices

Related Posts, Category Menu, Social Media Content Blocks

User Experience Strategy

Keep visitors on the site, direct them to products, smooth integrated navigation, clearly defined content areas that are consistent both visually and placement wise across all areas of the website.

Expected Results

  • Retooled look and feel supporting the overall brand more effectively
  • Decreased Bounce Rate for users coming into the site via blog
  • Increased site traffic to funnel/info pages from blog content
  • Increased customer interaction
  • Opportunities for new growth
  • Increased Revenue

Before & After

Blog Home Before
Home Before
Blog Home After
Home After

Content Modeling

Blog Post
Content modeling in prismic
Content modeling in prismic
Content modeling in prismic