Graffiti Inspires Me

Daim 2011 Crystals Mall in Vegas

Graffiti and I go way back. My interest in and love for graffiti started around the age of 13 or 14, basically when entering high school. A couple friends, visual art majors, drew pieces constantly in class and turned me on to graffiti.

Sketching was a hobby of mine already so once I saw their drawings, instantly my focus shifted to the manipulation of typography.

Graffiti inspires me, I have a collection of sketchbooks, photos, magazines and books dedicated to the subject. I frequent local graffiti spots, some legal.

I search for graffiti.

Here are some examples I felt like sharing. Click thumbnails for best experience.

Daim 2010 – City Centre – Las Vegas

Wildstyle – Alva Graphics – Houston

Alva Graphics - Houston - Artist unknown

Wildstyle – XL Parts – Houston

XL Parts - Artist Unknown

HALO – Avla Graphics – Houston

HALO - Avla Graphics - Houston

Vizie – XL Parts – Houston

Vizie - XL Parts - Houston

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