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In my design I typically try to use background images to provide subtle visual accents that enhance the viewers over-all experience. Many of the sites I have worked on utilize tiled background textures that are small in file size and can be repeated seamlessly. There are many reasons for that but really this post is about the patterns and textures themselves.

I rarely create my background textures from scratch, there are so many resources out there today that provide collections of royalty free graphics that there is no need to create my own. Rather I draw from a group of sites that provide libraries of categorized files that can be browsed very easily.

Here is a list of some of my favorite sites to peruse for background tiles and textures.

Subtle Patterns

Subtle Patterns
  • 134 Patterns and counting
  • User Submitted
  • Searchable by keyword or description
  • Large/Thumbnail view
  • Pattern Previews
  • Complete set downloadable as Photoshop .pat file
  • Visit Site



WebTreats Etc

Webtreats Etc





ava7 Patterns

ava7 Patterns
  • Hundreds of Patters
  • Sort by Color
  • Sort by Shape
  • Sort by Popularity
  • Visit Site

Pattern 8

Pattern 8
  • Tons of Patters
  • Sort by Color
  • Search by Keyword
  • Vector files available for download
  • Very well organized
  • Visit Site

Graphics Fuel

Graphics Fuel

Deviant Art


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